【DefectIve】Vemar Retro Flip Up Bucket Bag (Blue) – VEMAR MALAYSIA I A beautiful you,from the inside out.
【DefectIve】Vemar Retro Flip Up Bucket Bag (Blue)
  • SKU: DF-134

【DefectIve】Vemar Retro Flip Up Bucket Bag (Blue)

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    Products sold may have some defects and are not returnable or exchangeable. Kindly contact our customer service if you need more information or have any doubts.

    Product Material : Classic cross-patterned imitation leather
    Inner Material :

    Imported artificial silk cloth

    Size : Length 23.5cm, Height 21cm, Width 11.5cm
    Strap :

    92 ~ 107cm

    Weight : 750g
    Origin : Taiwan